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If you are an Emerging or Seasoned Executive Leader, Don't Try to Change Your
Speaking Skills Before Reviewing This Critical Information!

ClearlySpeaking helps corporate leaders develop a speech and voice brand that is
likeable, confident, trustworthy and understandable.

Foreign Accent Modification

Are you hard to understand because of a foreign accent? Are you tired of repeating yourself? Do you wonder if you will be misunderstood every time you open your mouth to say something? Are your colleagues getting speaking opportunities that you are more qualified to do?

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Regional Accent Modification

Is your regional accent charming or annoying? Do you use "yinz," n'at, and "gumbands" frequently in your vocabulary? Do you say "Dahn tahn," "Stillers," and "Hahse?" Do people know you are from Pittsburgh even when you are in another area of the country?

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Dynamic Speaking Skills

Does your speech and voice need a makeover? Do you deliver with credibility and influence? What is your biggest fear about getting up to speak in front of a group? Are you fearful that your voice will shake? Or that you will stumble over your words?

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