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My Voice Sounds Bland and Lacks Energy–Who Should I Call to Help?

Wall Street JournalLast week, I received a request from  Sue Shellenbarger from the Wall Street Journal about a question she received from a reader in Ms. Shellenbarger’s weekly Q&A column, the Work & Family Mailbox. (How to Improve Your Public Speaking) I decided to expand upon it a little today since the caller asked a good question regarding what kind of professional  should you call to help you when you experience problems with your speech and voice?  Since there are many titles floating around out there, I’d like to give you some definitions to help you understand and navigate your options:Continue reading

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How to Master Impromptu Speaking

blue-ribbonSometimes the most dreaded “presentation” that people tell me they dislike the most, is impromptu speaking.  They fear of stumbling on words, sounding dumb, and drawing a blank when they are called upon to give an opinion.  There is something about unplanned presentations, which makes people want to crawl under the table and hide.  Believe me; you are not alone if you would like to become invisible when all eyes are on you to speak.  I get many requests from my clients to help with this skill (and it truly is a skill).  But let me assure you that you can develop it, if you are not at the level you wish to be.  Here are some pointers:

1. Anticipate the questions. If you able to think about the questions that may come your way because you are the expert in the area, try to anticipate these questions and formulate a short (rather than long) response with no more than three bullet points.Continue reading

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10 Ways to Help You Sound Smarter When You Speak

This week I read a great article called “15 words to eliminate from your vocabulary to sound smarter” by Jennie Haskamp. Her word list includes many irrelevant words that creep into our writing but don’t provide that much value. Because our attention spans are so short, eliminating unnecessary words is essential. She talks about these words in terms of writing but they are also relevant to speaking. Here is her list (but be sure to read the article so that you can see her rationale):Continue reading

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