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How to Craft Messages that Resonate with Your Audiences

thumbs-up-or-downWith the US political campaign season coming to a close, you may have noticed that a stark difference in communication styles exists between the top two candidates.  Each candidate resonates with some audiences but not with others. This fact verifies what you already know: you can’t please everyone with your style. Often times when I give examples of style differences at my workshops, I hear complete opposite reactions to the same voice. One person loves the way a speaker communicates and someone else hates it. This dichotomy presents an interesting challenge for you, because as an executive speaker who is trying to resonate with your audience, you know that there are audience members that you just won’t be able to reach.  Continue reading

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How to be Vocally Expressive So That You Captivate Your Audience

Be fascinating to listen toLacking vocal expressiveness is a common problem and sounding monotone won’t captivate your audience.  Here is a solution to help you become more vocally expressive:  Continue reading

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Avoid Cross Cultural Communication Breakdowns: Understand Language Differences

Behind the need to communicateWhen it comes to understanding someone who is from another culture who has a strong foreign accent, how do we listen more effectively to assure that the exchange is successful? Both the listener and the speaker are responsible for making sure that each party has understood. Both the listener and the speaker can use strategies to improve the situation. Here is a tip for the listener who is listening to the hard-to-understand person:

Be educated about the differences between languages. Certain languages have characteristics that are unique to that language. Since a language learner adapts what he knows about his language onto the new language, real differences in the way words are spoken occur. This fact can make the second language learner difficult to understand and can be a distraction to our ears.

There are many languages that don’t sound at all as rhythmic and melodious as English.

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