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Lynda Mountain Biking

I started riding a mountain bike (which led to road biking) when I was in my mid-50s at the gentle coaxing of one of my adult sons. The first time I went out with friends, I rode a 30-year-old Mount Shasta bike. Not being able to keep up with the group was a result of being on a heavy, steel-framed bike, being out-of-shape and not knowing what I was doing. I was humiliated. But I loved it and from then on, I had a new passion.

Since then, I have learned to navigate rough terrain, climb steep hills, jump logs, and make difficult turns on switchbacks.  I have had many great coaches (my biking friends) helping me develop my skills along the way. They gave me terrific advice and a ton of encouragement.

I could have quit when I hit many obstacles—a broken toe, bruised ribs, shoulder tendinitis and many, hard falls.

But these injuries never made me want to quit. Rather, I was resolute about identifying what I had done wrong and then working harder to do it better next time. I picked myself up and kept going. I’ve discovered that the more I know, the more there is to learn.

​I love this type of exercise because of the way it makes me feel.  I am constantly problem solving at every turn, every obstacle and every mud puddle. I like having to think on my pedals throughout my ride. I also experience an intense adrenaline kick on the downhills.

The air passing over my wet skin, the sheer speed and the total concentration needed is so thrilling.

Riding to the peak of a huge hill or mountain top is also a satisfying challenge despite the effort, the sweat and the aching thighs. When I get there I feel like I have accomplished something that makes me feel tremendously proud.

​Achieving excellence at mountain biking is much like achieving excellence as a leader. It requires a systematic plan, a coach (or two), a lot of practice, a willingness to make mistakes and problem solving through the obstacles that come along.

It would be my honor and my privilege to help you with achieving your own version of mountain top success so that you can lead in the way that you were called to lead and speak with more presence and polish so that you have more impact and influence with the people around you.

​Please contact me.

To find out more about my programs and to see if you are a fit, read my Interview on my About page.