Do you ever wonder what great communication skills could do for you as a leader at your organization?

Maybe you have always wanted to speak confidently, clearly, and concisely so that you are impactful and influential and a highly-valued and respected leader.

Whatever frustration you are feeling about the way in which you communicate, we at ClearlySpeaking know that reaching another level of communication greatness in the way that you sound is realistic and achievable.

And we are here to help you.

If you are a bright, highly-valued leader or emerging leader at your organization but you recognize that your communication skills are holding you back (or someone has told you that your communication skills are holding you back), we can help you identify the characteristics of speech, language, and voice that are interfering with your success.

The way to do that is through a systematic process. We begin with an evaluation of your skills and then give the best recommendations based on the findings. This could include an online course or one-on-one coaching to help you develop new habits through your intentional effort and determination. We want you to reach your goals and sound like the professional that you are. When you make this commitment and recognize the value, you will get the respect and the results that you desire.

Our Mission

To serve you, the executive leader, and help you to align and develop your speech, language and voice skills with your professional values and goals so that you can lead passionately and authentically.

What Our Customers Say...

I am a much better communicator in many areas of work. From giving presentations to talking to colleagues, I feel much more confident and articulate about my speaking skills. Lynda gave me the necessary feedback to improve my skills and encouraged me to continue developing. I would recommend this coaching for anyone who wants to speak more clearly at work!”

Andreas Beier
Head of Accounting Operations

Your lessons still resonate strongly with me. I have not only improved my public speaking skills, but also improved my confidence about speaking to people day to day.

Sereena Tucker
Inveestment Banking Analyst

I just finished presenting to the Executive Management Council (EMC), including our CEO, and the Extended Leadership Team (ELT) total of about 40 of the top Leaders ….. I nailed it …. No notes, good eye contact, with chin up, no ahhhs, soooos, or you know, and at a relaxed pace.

Vice President


Meet the Founder

Lynda Waltner Stucky is the founder of ClearlySpeaking. She has a background in Speech Pathology and has been doing work related to that for over 30 years. Her more traditional roles in speech pathology were in hospitals and schools helping clients to speak more effectively so that they could communicate their message. After 20+ years of work in traditional settings, she decided to branch out with different types of clients in the corporate world. Read more in Meet Lynda.

Some of the most gratifying and fulfilling experiences as a coach that she would tell you about are the ones that through her coaching gave her clients self-confidence to give a presentation or influence a business outcome because of the way in which they presented him or herslf. And his/her boss was elated with their performance.

Voted in 2008 as Pittsburgh’s Top 250 Best Minority Owned Business by Trib Total Media.

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