Clearly Speaking
Clearly Speaking

Voice Makeover Strategy

A Revolutionary NEW Speech, Language, and Voice Webinar!

If you are struggling with speech and voice skills that don’t sound like the leader that you are, then this webinar is for you!

“The Step-by-Step Voice Makeover Strategy”

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I’m going to show you….

Step 1: How to  systematically determine the perceptions and values that are important to you so that you can express them authentically through your speech, language, and voice skills. We communicate our values through our Speech, Language, and Voice every time we open our mouth to speak. Value: $37

Step 2: How to use the comprehensive 12-Point Speech, Language, Voice characteristic template to influence the perceptions that people have of you. Get a deeper understanding of each of the competencies that you must master. to be likeable and trustworthy. Value: $49

Step 3:  How to increase awareness and train yourself to listen so that you can begin to self-monitor your skills (and others). Making successful changes is dependent on how well you can discriminate between old and new habits. Value: $24

Step 4: Which Speech, Language, and Voice skills are essential to be likeable and trustworthy.  Let’s face it…people trust people they like.  No one will buy into your products, your services or your initiatives or ideas unless they like you.  Find out what that means in terms of your speech, language and voice skills. Value: $27

Step 5: A Blueprint for changing behaviors when development opportunities arise. How does a person begin to change a life-long behavior? Get tips and tricks to create a process that works for you.  Value: $49

Plus, a special bonus you don’t want to miss!

BONUS #1: 

Quick Start 1st Impression Evaluation: By acting now, we’ll give you a first impression evaluation by an expert of your current speaking skills to tell you what you do well and what you could do differently to have more impact. Value: $297

It’s time to get your speech, language, and voice skills mastered so that you sound like the leader you are or wish to be!  Imagine what your voice may do for you!

Only $79!

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