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Sarcasm in the Workplace

frustrated womanSarcasm in the workplace exists at every level of management. Americans sometimes make comments that aren’t sincere or are meant to be a little degrading. In order to be sarcastic, we adjust our vocal tone and often times, our facial expression.Try saying, “great” sarcastically. What do you do vocally to make it sound sarcastic?Continue reading

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Are You Heard When You Speak?

megaphoneAre you always heard when you speak?  There are many people who wish to project their voice more to be better understood.There are many people who wish to project their voice more to be better understood.  In fact, many executives both male and female, ask me why others have a hard time hearing them and what they can do to project their voice.

There are two primary reasons that a voice lacks volume:
1) Inadequate breath support,

2) Inadequate mouth openingContinue reading

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Are you ready to be coached?

Are you ready to be coached?One-on-one training

Avoid wasting your money until you are ready.  Let me explain…

You’ve decided that you have some communication issues that you would like to improve upon and a coach is the solution to help you achieve your goals. Resolving to make change is a wonderful goal but too often, people with best intentions are unable to achieve their goals.  Too often, we have unrealistic goals and don’t realize how difficult change can be.  Continue reading

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Do You Fumble on This Important Skill?

FOOTBALL_3It is an exciting time in football from college playoff games to NFL playoffs!  My favorite team is already out–how about yours?  Being a fan of football reminds me of fumbling and it made we wonder if you ever fumble by using idioms with colleagues who may not understand their meaning? Let me explain…

Americans use idioms and expressions on a daily basis in nearly every conversation. It comes natural to us and we don’t even think twice about using them. There are many categories of idioms from expressions using animals, food, and men and women among many more. Continue reading

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