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Interruptions are Annoying

annoyedDoes it ever feel like you are interrupted by your colleagues? Are others being more assertive and talking over you even when it should be your turn? If it happens frequently, make the following checks on your communication to determine why it is happening.

First of all, does it take you a while to make a point? Learning to get to the point quickly is a skill busy leaders need to master. Some non-native English speakers struggle to make a point because they lack the vocabulary. You may need to work on vocabulary building activities first.

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The Regional Accent of Picksburgers

350px-Pittsburgh_skyline_viewIn my area of the country (Pittsburgh, PA), we have a very special way of talking. People born and raised here have an unusual accent known as “Pittsburghese.” People who are not from this area instantly hear this accent and detect differences that include: word and phrase substitutions; inaccurate vowel pronunciation; and use of non-standard grammar.

One of the most obvious hallmarks of Pittsburghese is the way the vowel /ow/ is pronounced. This particular vowel is actually two vowels that glide together to make a new sound called a diphthong. In this case, the two vowels are /ah/ as in “pot” and /o/ as in “joke.” Say the two vowels slowly and you will make the /ow/ sound as in “out.” In Pittsburghese, the second sound is omitted so the word “down” sounds like “dahn.”Continue reading

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