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Assessment at a Glance for Your Respiratory Function

stopwatch2I walked into LA Fitness the other day to do my daily exercise and noticed an Assessment Tool for members. Through a series of little tests, you could find out your Strength, Endurance and Stability for men and women based on your age. In other words, at my age I should be able to do 29 or more push-ups to achieve the “Excellent” status. (I’m happy to report, that I can do it!)

It made me think of some quick tests you can do to measure your own respiratory and laryngeal control. It is called the MPT (for Maximum Phonation Time) and it measures the efficiency of your respiratory system and your ability to maintain vocal cord closure. There are two tasks you can do to measure. You will need a stopwatch or a clock with a second hand.Continue reading

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The Effects of Air Quality on Speech and Voice (and What You Can Do About It!)

ist1_750251-corporate-reflectionThe other day while walking downtown Pittsburgh to one of my clients, the air was thick and smelled…well, let’s just say, interesting. Because it was foggy, the air was thicker and trapping pungent smells. Did you know that the air state affects our nasopharynx (nasal cavity and soft palate), sinuses and respiratory system, and has an effect on our speech and voice as well? Some environmental exposures include pollen, fog, dust and chemicals like pesticides. In California, there have been studies done that link these environmental factors to increased voice problems and respiratory stress.Continue reading

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5 Easy Ways to Build Trust Through Your Speech, Language, and Voice Skills

Being Trustworth “Trust is a powerful force that builds loyalty, increases credibility and supports effective communications. It gives you the benefit of the doubt in situations where you want to be heard, understood and believed.” From How Leaders Can Communicate to Build Trust, Ivey Business Journal

 Let’s face it….likeable people are trustworthy. No one will buy into your ideas, products or initiatives if you aren’t likeable. Of course, you can’t force anyone to like you and you don’t want to sound insincere. Here are some ways to enhance the” Like-ability Factor” so that you are instantly more trustworthy through your speech, language, and voice skills.Continue reading

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5 Amazing Solutions to Get People to Listen When You Speak

Have you ever been at a meeting and felt like no one was listening to you when you spoke? talkingHere is a 3-minute crash course that will help you command the room and be more influential. Avoid these five common mistakes and try these suggestions so that you are compelling to listen to…

Continue reading

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