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Is Your Vocal Brand Appealing?

Have you ever noticed how we buy from people we know, like and trust? I notice this in myself when I am at the doctor’s office, when I shop for clothes in a store or food at a restaurant or when someone tries to convince me to buy into his/her  idea. It has been proven that we are more likely to “buy” (material goods or ideas) from someone we like than someone we don’t. Think about your own shopping experience or even when someone is making a case for something they believe in. Have you ever felt like walking out of a store when you didn’t feel comfortable with whomever was helping you? Did you ever stop listening when someone you didn’t trust tried to sell you his/her idea? Admittedly, I have. Continue reading

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17 Behaviors to Avoid (to Prevent Vocal Hoarseness)

If your job requires the use of your voice (and really whose job doesn’t?), you may not be able to perform at your peak ability with a hoarse voice.  Nearly all of us use our voice in our daily routine: executives, teachers, speakers, sales men and women, shop foremen, nurses, lawyers, doctors.  Taking care of your voice on and off the job and is very important so that your voice will be available to you at all times. 

Vocal hoarseness occurs for a variety of reasons.  In this video I give you 17 reasons with explanations of vocal abuse that may cause hoarseness or vocal fatigue (and they are preventable).
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How To Stop Ho-Hum Presentations

Should business presentations be delivered as effectively as keynote speeches that are intended to inspire and engage?

Board rooms and staff meetings tend to be the most boring places to engage people.  Reports are read and too many details on too many slides are presented.  What can you differently? 

Well, how about telling stories in your presentations to sell an idea, to present your stats and/or to motivate and inspire your staff.  Your leadership skills and ideas will come through the  best by telling compelling stories that resonate with your audiences.  I’m inspired to tell you this because last night I attended the Moth in Pittsburgh and I want to share with you four tips…  Continue reading

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