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How a 30 Year Old Male Increased His Credibility and Influence with the Senior Executive Team

Do you ever feel like you have a great message to share but just can’t quite communicate it adequately to get people to act or be inspired?  Maybe you feel no one listens and you don’t get the respect you want from your colleagues and managers.  You aren’t alone if you do.

There are many potential reasons that interfere with a solid presentation.  I like to think of these reasons as distractions.  When a distraction is present, there is little hope of getting your message across because your listener will start paying attention to that.  And once they are paying attention to a distraction, they are no longer listening to you.  And once they are no longer listening to you, you have lost credibility and influence.  Here is just one example of how a distraction interfered with a young executive’s credibility.  Continue reading

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