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“I don’t like the way that I sound, Lynda!”

I hear this all the time.  Many professionals tell me that they hate the way that they sound when they hear themselves on a recording (video or audio).  Of course, there is a good reason for that…when you speak, you are hearing yourself from within your head, with all the amplification of sound waves bouncing off the bony structures of your head.  When you are listening to yourself from “outside” of your head, it sounds completely different.  However, the way you sound on the recording is the true you!  Yikes.  Does that make you cringe, too?

If you don’t like the way that you sound, you can change.  I’m happy to tell you that there are many adjustments you can make so that you sound like the person you want to sound like!  I can teach you how.

My system starts by first looking at how you would like to sound and what’s important to you.  What are the perceptions you would like others to have of you when they meet you for the first time?  Many people think they know what’s important but they don’t realize how  that can be impacted through speech, language, and voice characteristics.

Next, you must understand the 12 characteristics of our “sound” so that you can begin to explore what is needed to sound like the value that is important to you.  For example, if it is important to you to sound confident, what speech, language and voice skills do you need to “sound” that way. Talk fast? Talk slowly? What’s your loudness level? What kind of language do you use?  This is an important step to figure out.

Then, you must begin to develop your awareness of the speech, language, and voice characteristics of speakers that you admire.  By developing your listening skills you will be more likely to critique your own speech and voice.

Finally, it’s your turn to discover if your values are actually aligned with the way that you sound. (There are three ways to do it.)

I would love for you to join this free webinar, The Step-by-Step Voice Makeover which will take you through all the steps and explore your values, your voice and what to do next.  Here’s what you should do now:

Read more and sign-up here for the next live webinar. 

There are lots of tips, tricks and tools that you can use to change the way that you sound.  Come join me on this webinar to explore the possibilities like so many professionals have done already and enjoyed more self-confidence and greater job satisfaction.

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About the Author Lynda Stucky

Lynda Stucky coaches mid-senior level executives on using their speech and voice effectively to establish credibility, position themselves within their company, and enhance their reputation as a topic authority. She provides training through one-on-one coaching and online courses to reduce foreign accents, “redd-up” regional accents, and teach speech and voice branding for image control. She is President of ClearlySpeaking, and is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist. She is the author of "Voice Branding for Executives: How to Align Your Speech, Language, and Voice Skills with Your Professional Goals." Her background in speech pathology offers unique skills for dealing with professional communication skills in the corporate world. She believes communication skills should not hold anyone back from achieving personal and professional goals.

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