Clearly Speaking
Clearly Speaking

Is your regional accent charming or annoying?

Do you use “yinz” “n’at” and “gumbands” frequently in your vocabulary?

Do you say “Dahn tahn,” “hahse,” and “Stillers?”

Do people know you are from Pittsburgh even when you are in another area of the country?

Do people smirk when you tell them where you are from?

You may be hurting your career if you do!

Mark, a client of mine told me that when he traveled on business trips, the people he ran into and talked to immediately knew where he was from. They would ask him and he would say, “I’m from Pittsburgh.” Then they would kind of smirk and say, “I knew it.” He always felt like he was being made fun of and not taken seriously after that.

Then Mark noticed that when it was time to present a proposal to a potential client, his boss always gave his colleague the opportunity to present instead of him.

Mark decided to ask his boss about it and his boss told him honestly like it is. He said, “You don’t seem to be ready yet. You don’t sound very polished when you talk. Because of your Pittsburghese, you are making grammar mistakes and you are using words that don’t even exist.” Then he added, “I would love to use you but I don’t think you are ready yet.”

Mark’s boss was afraid that because Mark used Pittsburghese he would be perceived negatively. This was not the image they wanted for the company.

“Lynda is passionate about helping people communicate effectively with their voice. Her strategies are easy to practice and they help change how you are perceived as a leader. If you want to be perceived as a leader with your voice, then you will want to contact Lynda to help you climb the corporate ladder.”

-Bill T., Marketing Director

“Thank you for everything you did to help me speak clearly. I am able to practice more in the last week and I know I am making progress. I had a brief chat with my boss and he said he could see a difference!”

-Beverly J., Software Engineer

Does this sound familiar to you?

Is your Pittsburgh accent interfering with your professional goals?

Has someone told you that your Pittsburghese is holding you back?

We can help you become the polished and credible leader you want to be at your organization. It begins with an assessment of your speech.

Are you ready to portray the professional that you want to be?

Are you ready to receive positive reinforcement for your strong speech skills?

Are you ready to become the leader you want to be making more money, having more influence and greater impact with your colleagues, and your boss?

If so, we are ready to talk to you. Sign up for a FREE Strategy Session.  This will be an incredible investment for your future and will help you achieve your professional goals and boost your self-confidence.

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