Clearly Speaking
Clearly Speaking

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The Way You Sound Matters!

Who You Are

You are a very bright, highly-valued executive and a rising, emerging leader at your organization. You are so esteemed that your organization invests in you to maximize your potential. With changes occurring in your job responsibilities, you recognize that your communication skills are holding you back (or someone has told you that). You value self-development so that you can show up in the most effective, credible and influential way and want to do all that you can to improve.

What Your Challenges Are

The biggest obstacle that you face is communicating in a way that is confident, clear and concise so that you are impactful and influential. With every new level or role, new challenges arise as you find yourself doing more presentations (small and large) to senior directors, VP’s, your team or to your clients. Sometimes this is terrifying or discomforting because you aren’t sure what you could be doing better to communicate or you might know, but don’t know how to fix these problems.

What You Need Most

You need someone to help you identify your communication obstacles and help you decide where to start and what to work on first. You need to add to your speaking tool box, a process or system to change habits. You need help to present more effectively so that you are well-respected and don’t get passed up for important opportunities.

Success Stories From Our Clients

Andreas Beier

I am a much better communicator in many areas of work. From giving presentations to talking to colleagues, I feel much more confident and articulate about my speaking skills. Lynda gave me the necessary feedback to improve my skills and encouraged me to continue developing. I would recommend this coaching for anyone who wants to speak more clearly at work!

Andreas Beier
Head of Accounting Operations

Sereena Tucker

Your lessons still resonate strongly with me. I have not only improved my public speaking skills, but also improved my confidence about speaking to people day to day.

Sereena Tucker
Investment Banking Analyst

I just finished presenting to the Executive Management Council, including our CEO, and the Extended Leadership Team total of about 40 of the top Leaders ….. I nailed it …. No notes, good eye contact, with chin up, no ahhhs, soooos, or you know, and at a relaxed pace.

Vice President

Speech & Voice Branding

Does your speech and voice need a makeover? Do you deliver with credibility and influence? What is your biggest fear about getting up to speak in front of a group? Are you fearful that your voice will shake? Or that you will stumble over your words?

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Foreign Accent Modification

Are you hard to understand because of a foreign accent? Are you tired of repeating yourself? Do you wonder if you will be misunderstood every time you open your mouth to say something? Are your colleagues getting speaking opportunities that you are more qualified to do?

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Regional Accent Modification

Is your regional accent charming or annoying? Do you use "yinz," n'at, and "gumbands" frequently in your vocabulary? Do you say "Dahn tahn," "Stillers," and "Hahse?" Do people know you are from Pittsburgh even when you are in another area of the country?

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